“There are over 600 homes on the market in Grosse Pointe.”

Fact: As of November 1st, there are 202 homes on the market. The inventory of single family homes has been dropping steadily for a number of months.

“Nothing is selling!”

Fact: As of November 1st, there are 86 homes under contract and 601 HOMES SOLD in 2012.

“With the recent Credit Crunch, it’s almost impossible to get a home loan right now.”

Fact: There are many options available to buyers that have reasonable credit.

“50% of homes on the market are in foreclosure.”

Fact: As of November 1st, only 10 of the 202 homes for sale in Grosse Pointe were bank owned, and only 18 homes required short sale approval.

“Interest rates are rising.”

Fact: Fixed rate mortgages are available around 4%.

“No one is moving to the Grosse Pointe area.”

Fact: In 2012, Adlhoch and Associates has sold homes in the Grosse Pointes to families moving from California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Wyoming, South Korea, and locally from many Michigan communities.

“Why I buy a house, my real estate taxes are going to increase significantly.”

Fact (in most cases): Because of the adjustments that have occurred in the market place, most tax bills are remaining unchanged or even going down after the sale.

“Adlhoch and Associates has sold more homes in this difficult market than any other firm in Grosse Pointe.”

That’s a FACT!


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